Wool (Books 1-5)

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1, Wool, #1-5) - Hugh Howey

So I started this book last Friday, and finished it on Saturday night. It was, in a word, exhilarating. I was a bit wary at first; although I'd seen many positive reviews, I did not really have a clue what the plotline was. As it turns out, I am glad that I didn't, as it added greatly to the suspense.

The book is told mainly from three points of view, starting with the Sheriff of the Silo, followed by the Mayor, and then another character, whom I will not detail as it would give away part of the storyline. I really liked all three of the main characters, which is very unusual for me. There were moments where my heart genuinely hurt, and moments where I was as terrified as the characters in the story must have been.

The writing was very good; not too flowery or overly-descriptive, but with enough detail to make you really understand the situation and empathise with the characters. The pace was excellent - there were very few occasions when the story dragged, and there was plenty of excitement.

If I was going to make any criticism at all, it would be that I would have liked to have seen more of some of the supporting cart, as some of them were very intriguing. Whether or not some of these stories are addresses in the sequels, I do not know. I cannot wait to feet my hands on the next installments, that's for sure!

Books 1-5 were included in the copy I read, with 6-8 being in the next volume. I believe the author is releasing the final volume in the trilogy at some point this year.


Rating: 5/5